HexaTech VPN App Reviews

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It gets ‘er done

In all seriousness, this app works as intended with no subscription. I’ve tried several apps that work fine for a little bit for a review, but then the servers quit responding. I’ve had this app for a couple of months now and can now confirm with a rating and review on this apps functionality.





Slow but Steady

I have been using hexatech for quite awhile on my mobile devices but today I decided to try it on my iMac. Its a good stable connection but the connection speed can be very slow at times. Perhaps the paid version would fix the speed issiue. overall I recemend this VPN service, I just wish it was a little faster.

The best VPN app out there

This is the most stable VPN app I’ve ever used - and I’ve used many of them.

Works All the time / But low speed

In iran with huge censorship and filtering most of apps and website we use are blokced, and most of VPNs and Anti filtering apps are not working, but hexatech works all the time, the only problem is the speed, its really Slow. other vpn that works time to time are high speed when they are connected, this is the most stable but slow VPN. thanks to Hexatech team for a good service, and if you do somehting about the speed, u get the 5 star.

You are Great

For Iran’s censorship policies, this is the best app for people’s web surfing…thank you so much


these days Iran upgrade its censorship methods and this vpn is the only one in app sore connect properly and it is very fast so i recommend every body to use this. also the ios version is perfect too!


I just started to use this application on trial mode , It is a little bit slow.


very good

The best VPN App

This app connects creates a VPN connection the fastest out of all others I’ve tried. It works on all locations, including schools (in which other VPN’s normally don’t work because they are blocked). It’s fast and works without issues, and is the best VPN app I’ve seen, so this is the one that I’d recommend to anyone else.

No issues, works right

Abroad in China for 3 weeks, this app loaded easily, and worked well without issues. Allowed us to access youtube, netflix, etc.

bad connecton

1st, It’s hard to connect it! 2nd, It can not remember my account, everytime, i need to type in my account and password! 3rd, it’s no use to buy a premium account, 3/4 of time log in function not work!

UI Issue?

I seem to have an issue with both this app and Betternet that doesn’t allow me to open the app a second time. It will open up once, but once I click out of it, the button at the top stays blue, as if its still connected, but I can’t open either apps again. Betternet was on when this happened, so I could turn it off or uninstall it (I had to restart my computer to do so). This one I had not connected to when this occurred, so now I can’t turn it on. I think this has to be a problem with the UI, but I’m not too sure. But as for right now, it’s completely broken.

Will not connect

The VPN does not connect at all.

Great VPN app

Great simple and free VPN client which does what it says 👍🏼

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